Dental Implants

Dental Implant Restorations at All Care Dental in Fremont

Despite improvements in oral health care, many people experience tooth loss. Until this happens, you may never have considered how much your teeth affect your smile, speech, and ability to chew. If you have lost teeth, you are not alone, as it is estimated by the age of 50, the average American will have lost 10 teeth.

The great news is that today there is a method to replace teeth with prosthetics that returns full function and beauty to your smile. Dental implant restorations also help you retain a youthful appearance with a healthy jaw bone. 

This phenomenal treatment is available at the dental office of Dr. Anil Chowdhary at All Care Dental. Serving people in Fremont, Hayward, and Union City, Dr. Chowdhary can return the look and feel of natural teeth to you with implant supported restorations. 

How Can Dental Implants Support Health Teeth and Bones? 

Shortly after tooth loss, the jaw begins to shrink due to a process called resorption. Not only does this pose a threat to neighboring teeth, it also causes the mouth to appear sunken, which prematurely ages a person’s appearance. 

Dental implants are titanium posts that a dentist strategically places into the jaw bone. Implants halt the progress of bone resorption by causing the body to regenerate bone around the implant post. This process is called osseointegration. Implants not only preserve your facial structure, they become secure tooth roots for prosthetic crowns.

Beautiful Restorations Replace Solitary Teeth, Rows of Teeth and Full Arches of Teeth 

About four months after implants have been place, they are ready to be topped with a restorative crown. Crowns are attached to implant posts with an abutment, and now you can begin to enjoy the full function and beauty of a restoration that looks and functions like a natural tooth.

For dental implants to be successful, there are a few factors that are critical:

  • Jaw bones must be strong, sometimes requiring a bone graft in preparation for implant placement. 
  • Expertise in placing the implants to ensure maximum support and to protect nerve pathways and surrounding oral structures. 
  • Quality restorations that match the contours and color of neighboring teeth. 

Dental implant restorations have over a 95 percent success rate and can replace the loss of a single tooth, a row of teeth, or a full arch of teeth. 

Expert Placement of Dental Implants and Beautiful Restorations are Provided Under One Roof at All Care Dental 

Our team of doctors at All Care Dental provide treatment for dental implants from start to finish. There will be no need to travel around to receive your dental implants since the consultation, surgery, and restorations are done in-house. 

To learn more about the amazing benefits of dental implant restorations, contact the dental office of Dr. Anil Chowdhary at All Care Dental. 

Serving patients in Fremont, Union City, and Hayward, We provide expert placement of dental implants and gorgeous restorative crowns. Call today!